19 Cartons - BLACKMORES Glucosamine Sulfate 1500MG Tablet (180s) - SKU 17634135 (Earliest Expiration Date : January 16, 2022) (Lot #: 1512)

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    110.2 KG
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1 lot contain 12 pcs items 

Lot contain 19 cartons and 228 pcs items

LOT 1512 : 0.26 CBM

Total Items in Lot: 228

Expiry Date SKU Number SKU Name Product Name (FULL) Package type QTY Carton Item per Carton TOTAL Items Pack Size (Unit) Bar Code Number Bar Code format (EAN/UPC) Brand Product Category Product SubCategory Manufactured Country Pack Label Language Warehouse Location Name CBM per Package Type TOTAL CBM Package Dimensions per Package Type (Length) Package Dimensions per Package Type (Width) Package Dimensions per Package Type (Height) Gross Weight per Package Type (KG) Net Weight per Package Type (KG) TOTAL Gross Weight (KG) # <of Package Type> Per Pallet # of Pallets Retail Price per Carton Asking Price per Carton TOTAL Retail Price (USD) TOTAL Asking Price (USD) Dangerous Goods
MSDS File (Y/N) Product Restricted Countries
1/16/22 17634135 Glucosamine Sulfate 1500MG Tab 180s BLACKMORES Glucosamine Sulfate 1500MG Tablet (180s) CARTON 19 12 228 EA 09300807305997 EAN Blackmores Health & Beauty Health Supplements AUSTRALIA ENGLISH ZUELLIG PHARMA 0.013874 0.26 0.35 0.25 0.16 5.80 5.80 110.20 78.00 0.24 1023.53 204.72 19447.07 3889.68 N N All Countries, Except Singapore

Earliest Expiration Date : January 16, 2022

Dangerous Goods? : No